Introducing UFlinux

UFlinux is trying to make Linux based OS for everyone, not just a single group like gamers, developers, newbies or IT professionals. Other Linux distros are in our opinion focusing on specific group of people or use case like for example gaming or new users. Uflinux is trying to differ from that by providing tools for a variety of use cases, not just a single group because people are rarely using computers for just a single thing. For example, if you do graphics professionally, and sometimes you play games you would probably choose a distro made for graphic designers but then if you wanted to game you would have to learn how to add gaming specific to your distro. This is what UFlinux is trying to fix by providing basic tools for variety of tasks that maybe are not as good as those in task specific distros but will do for most people and if you need more than you are probably professional that can add them themselves

Linux is powerful and can do much more than the competition, but the issue is that you need a lot of knowledge to take advantage of it. Result of that is that you can have technically ten times better tool on Linux than on competing OS but since competing OS has few simple controls to take advantage of it and on Linux you need to install it, install different additional programs, edit a bunch of config files, write a couple of scripts..... to put it simply for newcomer it means that competing OS can do it and on Linux it is impossible for him. UFlinux is trying to change that by providing those simple controls and if you require some advanced features you can deep dive into it.

So enough of talk now what UFlinux is in practice

UFlinux is


UFlinux includes technologies like AppArmor,Flatpak or UFW to ensure security of its users


UFlinux uses Xanmod kernel for best performance in demanding tasks like gaming or video editing and OOMD to give you good experience with low memory system


UFlinux is based on Debian project and uses well-tested components which give you OS that you can rely on


UFlinux does not spy on you, its made from open source components that everybody can check what they do so no black boxes